Window Tinting in Dallas, TX

Since 1992, Alta Mere Dallas has been one of the leading businesses providing window tinting to residents in Dallas, TX. We take pride in the high-quality car window tints that we install on various makes and models of vehicles.
Back window tinting – Alta Mere Dallas in Dallas TX

Our window tinting will not only enhance the style of your vehicle, but it can protect your car interior from high temperatures during the summer. A car window tint protects the interior from fading and can prevent the dashboard from cracking due to exposure to high temperatures. Window tinting also means you don't have to blast the air conditioner or roll the windows down to stay cool. Drivers are even protected from skin damage with window tint, which blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

Drivers with window tint on their vehicles are also safer on the road as they avoid the glare of the sun, which can inhibit visibility. We offer a variety of window films that provide optical clarity. All of the window tints that we install are custom fit for your vehicle with state-of-the-art computerized film cutting.
Beautiful window of speed red sportcar – Alta Mere Dallas in Dallas TX
Applying tinting foil on a car window – Alta Mere Dallas in Dallas TX

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting


We also install residential and commercial window tinting to reduce the heat in indoor settings. This can reduce your building's energy usage and keep the interior climate cooler. This means less reliance on an HVAC system, which can save you money. Our window tinting also offers more privacy and added security on the property. We can ensure that your tint is custom-tailored for your residence or commercial space. At Alta Mere Dallas, we even offer a variety of tint colors and film grades to accommodate your aesthetic needs and personal taste.